New hair things for Hannah, subtitled “I love my glue gun!”
The first two pictures are barrettes I made using some fake flowers, some vintage buttons of my great-grandmother’s and my glue gun. I glued them to some store bought blank barrattes. Tada! They took maybe 5mins each.

Then I dug thru my considerable stash of scrap fabric from all my years of quilting and pulled some strips. I think the shortest strip I used was about 12” long. I folded them in half, wrong sides together and ironed them, just so the right side of the fabric would have a better chance of showing. Then I braided them and straight-stitched elastic across the ends! Also maybe a 5minute each project.

Hannah’s picked out one to give to her Aunt Betsy and one to give to her cousin Aubree and because of her “generosity” she’s requested I make her more tomorrow (only, I’m out of elastic.) She says she loves them, they look like Fancy Nancy. I hot glued 2 yo-yos (with vintage button centers) to the top of one she was definitely keeping to make it very simply flowered.

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