Homeless hats

Last year, with a few hats knitted by my sister to help, I knitted and donated 38 hats to the local homeless shelter, Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM.) All various sizes, but mostly adult sized hats. I used any kind of yarn I could get my hands on, tho if I specifically bought for it I bought Lion Brand Wool Ease for the warmth of the wool and the fact it won’t shrink; that brand specifically ‘cause JoAnn’s sometimes has them 2 for $5 and that was in my budget.

I just started this year’s charity knitting 2 days ago. I finished the first hat last night and cast on the 2nd. The month of August is going to be Homeless Hat month instead of Knit-Des-Socks Month. I used large needles and 2 skeins of Red Heart acrylic blah held together, navy and gold, cause I thought it’d be pretty and the 2 strands would knit quick. (The one I’m working on now is Wool Ease in Caramel & is single-stranded.)

Jeremiah told me I was knitting a Ravenclaw hat. I’ve ruined that child.
Tony came in last night and asked me who I was knitting “the Michigan hat for?” Apparently there’s some sports team in Michigan with those colors. Who knew?

If anyone has any leftover skeins of worsted weight yarn they’re not going to use, and wants to drop ‘em my way, feel free! LOL!
In a more serious note to knitters, if anyone wants to knit a hat or two and send them to me I will donate them as well. Or, start this venture for a local shelter in your own area!!

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