Hannah fell asleep at 9:30 on the way home from Dairy Queen last night. When she started stirring and looking around at 11 I got her up to go use the bathroom, figuring it had been since about 8pm and she’d drank half a can of Dr Pepper and it couldn’t hurt.

Except it WOKE HER UP. I finally got her back to bed at about 3am. I decided to skip walking this morning because after going to sleep at 3 getting up at 8 and walking 3.5mi didn’t have much appeal. Except I just realized I can’t walk tomorrow because I have to work at church at 9. I don’t have enough commitment to get up in time to walk for an hour and shower before being somewhere at 9am. It’s just not that important to me. I try to avoid getting up before 8am if at all possible.

I made myself a mini bagel but it was too hot to put cream cheez on so I can and got lost in tumblr and now I’m hungry.

I have to go have my teeth cleaned at 1 and Tony has to go to work at 2 meaning I get to take the kids. Hannah can sit on my lap and Jeremiah can sit in the extra chair in the room. Wonder if they’d let him have the DS for the duration?

I started working on my 2nd floo powder sock last night. They were supposed to be my July socks but I’m not sure I’ll get it done. We’ll see. I’ve done a pair a month so far this year but I’ve decided to talk August off from that and knit hats all month for the homeless shelter. I may also do September.

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